School Documents

Our School Documentation

Below are some documents which we hope you will find useful. They are all in a PDF format.

Some of the documents are forms which are available for you to print out and use when needed, i.e. the medical / medicine form, others are for your information.

COVID Related Documents

Latest Letter regarding COVID 19 Guidance – September 2022

Risk Assessment Related to COVID-19 Jan 2022 v4 (update 20/01/22)

Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Schools Guidance January 2022

Outbreak Management Plan Sept 2021

Ventilation Inspection Checklist Sept 2021

Key Documents

School Prospectus for September 2022

Vision Statement

End of Key Stage Results Summer 2016

End of Key Stage Results Summer 2017

End of Key Stage Results Summer 2018

End of Key Stage Results Summer 2019

There were no End of Key Stage Results for Summer 2020 or Summer 2021 due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Year 2 phonics results for November 2020 – 92% of the cohort achieved the required score of 32

End of Key Stage Results Summer 2022

Our End of Key Stage Results can be compared to those of other schools by clicking here to access the school’s performance tables’ service

School Asthma Card (to be completed if your child has Asthma)

Emergency Inhaler Consent Form  (to be completed if your child has Asthma)

Encompass Best Practice Guidance

Encompass Awareness Letter

Accessibility Plan Sep 2021

Best Value Statement Oct 2022

British Values Statement Sept 2017

COVID Catch Up Premium Autumn 2020

General Data Protection Regulations Document (May 2018)

Holiday Request Form

Jigsaw PSHE and RSE Scheme Parent Guide

Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2022

Medical / Medicine Form

Pupil Premium Statement Sept 2013
Pupil Premium Statement Sept 2014
Pupil Premium Statement Sept 2015

Pupil Premium Statement Sept 2016

Pupil Premium Statement Sept 2017

Pupil Premium Strategy Sept 2017

Pupil Premium Strategy Sept 2018

Pupil Premium Strategy Sept 2019

Pupil Premium Strategy Sept 2020

Pupil Premium Strategy Sept 2021

Pupil Premium Strategy Sept 2022

School Uniform Details

Sports Grant Statement 2013 – 14

Sports Grant Statement 2014 – 15

Sports Grant Statement 2015 – 16

Sports Grant Statement 2016 – 2017

Sports Grant Statement 2017 – 2018

Sports Grant Statement 2018 – 2019

Sports Grant Statement 2019-2020

Sports Grant Statement 2020-2021

Sports Grant Statement 2021-2022

Sports Grant Statement 2022-2023

Statutory Sports Information 2021-2022

Sport Partnership Agreement

School Improvement Priorities 2015 – 2016

School Improvement Priorities 2016 – 2017

School Improvement Priorities 2017 – 2018

School Improvement Priorities 2018 – 2019

School Improvement Priorities 2019 – 2020

School Improvement Priorities 2020 – 2021

School Improvement Priorities 2021 – 2022

School Improvement Priorities 2022 – 2023