School Policies

Our School Policies

Please find our School Policies, and other relevant documentation below. They are all in a PDF format.

We are working on this part of the Website to make sure that all the policies and documents that you need are in one place. The newer Policies are dated.

There has been a lot information published by the Lancashire Authority and by the Department for Education (DfE) informing schools as to which documents and policies it should publish on the school website. The important Documents that the DfE recommend are:


Behaviour Policy
Vision Statement (also found inside all School Documentation)
Special Needs Policy and
School Finance Policy (including the Charging and Remissions Policy)


Our Reception intake for September 2019 are settling well into life at THT, and the School’s Admissions Policy highlighting our Admissions Procedures for Sept 2020 has now been published and is available to view.

Also included in this section is information regarding the Pupil Premium Grant, our Local Offer regarding Special Educational Needs and the DfE Sports Funding Grant.

Current Policies and our Prospectus

Latest Prospectus September 2019

Vision Statement Accessibility Plan Sep 2019

Admissions Policy Sept 2020

Admissions Policy Sept 2021

Appraisal Policy Nov 2018

Behaviour Policy Sep 2019

Capability Policy Sep 2019

Child Looked After Policy (CLA) April 2018

Collective Worship Policy Sep 2018

Complaints Procedure Policy Sep 2018

Discipline Policy Sep 2019

Early Years Foundation Stage Jan 2020

Educational Off Site Visits Policy Sep 2019

GDPR Policy and Privacy Documents October 2019

Health and Safety Policy Sep 2019

Homework Policy Sep 2017

Feedback and Marking Policy Jan 2020

Managing Aggressive Behaviour Against Staff Sep 2018

Medicine Policy Sep 2016

Mental Health and Wellbeing (Diocesan publication)  September 2018

Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools (DfE publication)  November 2018

Policy for Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism Oct 2017

Religious Education Policy Sep 2018

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Oct 2019

School Attendance Policy Sep 2019

School Finance Policy Oct 2019

Single Equalities Policy Sep 2018

SMSC Policy Oct 2017

Special Educational Needs Policy Sep 2018

Special Educational Needs Local Offer

Special Educational Needs Information Report Autumn 2018

Staff Code of Conduct Sep 2017

Supervision Policy Sep 2017

Valuing All God’s Children Report (Diocesan publication)  September 2017

Whistleblowing Policy April 2019

Whole School Pay Policy Sept 2018

What is the eSafety Charter?

The Lancashire School eSafety Charter is a self evaluation tool, established for schools in Lancashire to demonstrate their commitment to the ongoing development of eSafety within their school community. Most schools have already started or are in the process of writing their eSafety policy. Many have provided staff and parent eSafety training sessions and eSafety is now embedded within the curriculum. Aspects of eSafety regularly appear in the news and in many cases highlight the negative issues surrounding eSafety within society. There is a great deal of good practice taking place within Lancashire schools to support eSafety both within the schools and its community.

Click HERE to see the Lancashire School eSafety Charter

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