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Church of England (Aided) Primary School

If your child shows symptoms of COVID 19, please do not send them to school (or any children in your family) and book them a test. If the test is returned as positive, please contact School and the School Health Support Team call line on 01772 531555 so that it can be reported directly to the council. You will need to give the date symptoms started, or the date of positive test, the name of your child and the school name.

If preferred, you can also email details to the Covid19 Education inbox using the link below: COVID19Educationquestions@lancashire.gov.uk

The information would then be relayed back to school so that we can use ParentPay to contact families to advise self-isolation.

All the most recent documents regarding our management of COVID outbreaks etc. can be viewed in the School Documents section of the website. Thank you!!

Why bring your child to Tarleton Holy Trinity??  Here’s a few reasons…

Named as having our three-year average reading attainment score (107.6) in the top 10% of primary schools in England (November 2018)

Named as being in the TOP 1% of primary schools in England for achievement in reading for two years running (February 2017 and February 2018)

 The 10th highest attaining school in Lancashire for combined attainment in Reading, Writing and Mathematics (December 2017)

Judged as a GOOD school by Ofsted February 2018

Judged to be a GOOD School overall by SIAMs March 2019 – but judged as excellent in our Impact of collective worship and our Effectiveness of religious education.

  • Headteacher’s Message

    The last Academic Years have been difficult for all schools, and at Tarleton Holy Trinity, we are hoping to get back to some form of ‘normality’ as this year progresses. Even though all the children were back in school in March 2021 – we are still tackling positive cases of COVID 19 and are isolating classes as and when necessary. We are hoping to get that ‘THT Family Buzz’ around the school, and be ‘…at the heart of the community’ again (Ofsted 2018)!!

    At Tarleton Holy Trinity we are very proud of all our children and all that they achieve. We have an excellent reputation in the local community, “The school is at the heart of the local community and pupils enjoy taking part in many activities and celebrations in the village and local area.” (Ofsted 2018) . This is because staff, children, parents and governors all work extremely hard to ensure the best learning experiences for the whole school community. We have very high academic standards, but like learning to be fun – making sure that is more to life than ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’. We love art, music, dance, sports and PE and use enrichment days to help the children to experience these at their full. Being a church school is important to us, as everything we do is based on our embedded Christian Values. At THT we really do, ‘Through Christ who strengthens us,’ (Phil 4:13) …value, dream and achieve!!

    Our two recent reports from Ofsted and SIAMS once again that we are a GOOD school with SIAMs also judging us as excellent in our Impact of collective worship and our Effectiveness of religious education.

    The partnership between school and home is essential – you will always find our staff willing to assist and listen. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of staff. To keep up-to-date with what’s happening at THT, keep reading our weekly Newsletters, log onto my Headteacher’s Blog, download our School App, or visit us on Facebook…there are so many ways in which you can keep in touch!!  Thanks for reading!!

  • Our School Aims

    We aim to lay a foundation for life by:

    -Educating the children in a sincere, caring and Christian way

    -Developing a moral, spiritual awareness

    -Providing teaching based on Christian beliefs, attitudes and traditions, especially those of the Anglican Church

    -Delivering a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, National Curriculum and Blackburn Diocese RE syllabus, with high expectations for all our pupils

    -Developing the whole child, spiritually, morally, culturally, academically and physically through a wide variety of learning experiences and activities

  • What Makes Tarleton Holy Trinity Special?

    Our school motto is “Value, Dream and Achieve”

    It is important to all of us involved with the children at our school that they should receive the very best education: that they are given the skills to help them be successful in life, that they understand their part in the world and that they have a desire for life-long learning.

    We embrace and uphold the Every Child Matters agenda and it permeates throughout all areas of school life.

    We acknowledge that technology has a major role in their education and is constantly changing. We strive to keep up to date with the latest innovations and teaching methods.

  • Governors and the Church

    Our School is a Church of England Aided School, and, as such, maintains mutually supportive links with Holy Trinity Church. The Governing Body comprises representatives from Blackburn Diocese, Holy Trinity Church, the LA, the local Parish Council, parents, teachers and non teaching staff. The Church has the majority since it is responsible for the ethos of the school. The Governors work hard for the school and have wide ranging responsibilities, including appointment of staff, the curriculum, admissions to school, financial management amongst others. The Governors are also responsible for maintaining and extending the fabric of the building and must bear 10% of the costs for such works. This funding is supported by the fundraising of the FRIENDS of the school.

The Curriculum

Our School news


Named as the 10th best school in Lancashire for combined achievement in Reading, Writing and Mathematics in 2017

Recognised by being in the top 1% of Primary Schools in England for Achievement in English (2016-2017)

Named as having our three-year average reading attainment score (107.6) in the top 10% of primary schools in England (November 2018)

Judged to be a GOOD School overall by SIAMs March 2019 – but judged as excellent in our Impact of collective worship and our Effectiveness of religious education.

Judged as Good in all Areas by Ofsted February 2018

And also home of :

The Tag Rugby Lancashire Primary School Champions 2015, The ROCK FM School Choir of the Year 2015, Tag Rugby District Champions 2016, Tri Golf District Champions for 2017, Last Choir Singing Finalists 2017 and Cross Country District  Champions in Years 3 and 4 for 2017 and for all Years 2018!!

Thanks for reading, yours sincerely,

Stephen B. Smith


Did you know that in our most recent Parents’ Questionnaire – 100% of returns stated that parents and carers would recommend Tarleton Holy Trinity CE Primary school to others!!