The Infant Christmas Party – 2016
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The Infant Christmas Party – 2016

On the 19th December the Infants had a lovely party and a surprise visitor arrived!!

They sang lots of songs and played lots of games and of course ate their party food. But I think the highlight of the day was when Father Christmas arrived and gave all the children a present. What a day!!img_0958 img_0957 img_0956 img_0955 img_0953 img_0952 img_0951 img_0950 img_0949 img_0948 img_0947 img_0946 img_0945 img_0944 img_0943 img_0942 img_0941 img_0940 img_0938 img_0937 img_0936 img_0935 img_0934 img_0933 img_0932 img_0931 img_0930 img_0929 img_0928 img_0927 img_0926 img_0924 img_0923 img_0922 img_0921 img_0920 img_0919 img_0918 img_0917 img_0916 img_0914 img_0913 img_0912 img_0911 img_0910 img_0909 img_0908 img_0907 img_0906 img_0905 img_0904 img_0903 img_0902 img_0901 img_0898 img_0897 img_0896 img_0895 img_0894 img_0893 img_0891 img_0890 img_0889 img_0888 img_0886

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