Tarleton and Rural District Schools performing Arts Festival

Tarleton and Rural District Schools performing Arts Festival

Well our dancers did it once again! They opened the show at Tarleton Academy with huge smiles, clear enthusiasm and had the audience clapping along.

They danced to, “Tell me ma” a high tempo folk dance that they had choreographed themselves with a little help from Mr Marshall and Miss Jagger. It included traditional folk dance such as swings and star turns. In addition, there was lots of gesture to tell the story of the “Belle of Belfast City” and of course some humour. The end of the dance culminated in some superb gymnastics moves (from Samarra and some of the other girls) and some amazing lifts to finish. Neve looked like she was flying!

Thanks to Portia (from the Sports Partnership) for lending us some colourful tutus and a big thank you to Jess Moran’s mum and Owen Busby’s mum for kindly doing the girls’ hair. The children looked amazing, danced superbly and as always were a credit to our school. It was just a shame that Isobel was sadly unwell and unable to join us on the night.

The children helped and encouraged each other during the practices and leading up to the performance. In fact, Olivia summed it up well the following afternoon when she said, “I really enjoyed that dance. And do you know what? Our class is like a big family. We all look after each other. “ I couldn’t have summed it up better myself. Well done Year 5! You really are a credit to our fantastic school.