Noah Bear has a Party – 27th October 2016

Noah Bear has a Party – 27th October 2016

Someone in Mrs Warburton’s Class celebrated their birthday today…and it wasn’t one of the children!!

The children have been looking forward to today because it’s Noah Bear’s birthday. the children sang songs, wore party hats, played some party games and even played pass the parcel. Of course, Noah Bear joined in the fun and they whole class had a brilliant time!!img_2004 img_2003 img_2002 img_2001 img_2000 img_1998 img_1997 img_1993 img_1989 img_1988 img_1986 img_1984 img_1982 img_2021 img_2020 img_2019 img_2018 img_2016 img_2015 img_2014 img_2013 img_2012 img_2008

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