Journey Through Easter 2024

Mrs Seeley and our Faith Advocates organised a very special day for the whole school today – and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all!!

The morning started with an Act of Worship and this looked at the Easter Story starting at Palm Sunday – the children had to put the huge pictures into order.

The children were then split into groups containing children from each class and they spent 30 minutes doing 8 different activities. The majority of the activities focused on our senses and linked them to different events which took place during Holy Week. For instance the children got to taste Hot Cross Buns (Good Friday) and Easter Eggs (Easter Sunday). The smelt palm leaves (Palm Sunday) and wood shavings (Good Friday) and felt things in ‘feely bags’ all related to the Easter Story.

Other activities included the design of crosses and a ‘Pass the Parcel’ where the prizes were sweets – an also Bible Quotes which needed to be put into order!

An amazing day which we hope the children will remember for a very long time to come!!