Fr Mark and Nutty visited the Year 3 class. 

Fr Mark and Nutty visited the Year 3 class. 

On Thursday, Fr Mark and Nutty visited the Year 3 class. ,

Year Three’s current topic in RE is “called by God”.   The children had already had a discussion about what this means and had prepared a series of thoughtful and probing questions for Fr Mark.

The children (and Nutty, Fr Mark and Mrs Seeley) we’re all excited about being able to meet face-to-face.

Fr Mark answered the children’s very probing and challenging questions – such as “How did God call you?” , “What did God ask you to do?”, “When did God call you?”, “Did you do other things before God called you?”, “What does it feel like to be called by God?”, “Could anyone by called by God?”

After grilling Fr Mark for some considerable time – the children were desperate to take him and Nutty outside. We had a lovely time around the worship area too.

Fr Mark and Nutty were very impressed with Year Three and the two of them went for a little tour around the school and our lovely outdoor area where they caught up and met for the first time with some of the other children and staff.