A Sproutstanding Day in Year 4!

A Sproutstanding Day in Year 4!

As part of our teeth and digestion topic this half term, Year 4 have been investigating the humble Brussels sprout.

We have been finding out information about sprouts including:

  • Once, a Royal Navy captain banned them from his ship as he detested them and called them the “devil’s vegetable”
  • It’s the third most hated food in the UK
  • If you overcook them, they taste and smell like rotten eggs.
  • They are very healthy and high in fibre
  • They contain vitamins A, C and K
  • Brussel sprouts are very cheap
  • If cooked properly, they can taste amazing!

Last week, Janet cooked two lots of sprouts; some in garlic and some with bacon. Most of us had a taste and thought they were delicious! Some of us changed our opinions about what we thought about sprouts. Later on during the afternoon, we hosted a debate as to whether Brussels sprouts should leave or remain in our diets. We held our own BREXIT (Brussels Exit) debate and then referendum. Mr Skinner was the speaker of our house and later he returned to the class and said that we’d managed to change his opinion about Brussels Sprouts!!