Year 5’s Class Worship – 18th November 2016

Year 5’s Class Worship – 18th November 2016

Did you come to our first Class Worship of the academic year?? Wasn’t it good!! The Year 5 children performed brilliantly. Well done to all of Year 5 and to Mr Phillips and Miss Jagger for putting on such a wonderful worship all about ‘Children in Need’.  It’s always an emotional Worship…the joy of the faces of Year 5 as they perform…but the heart wrenching stories of children like Logan that we get to find out about.

Have a look at the photos!!

img_2171 img_2170 img_2169 img_2168 img_2167 img_2166 img_2165 img_2162 img_2157 img_2156 img_2155 img_2154 img_2152 img_2151 img_2150 img_2149 img_2147

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