Year 4 visit Pretty Peas – January 2017

Year 4 visit Pretty Peas – January 2017

On Monday 15th January we (Year 4) paid a visit to Pretty Peas run by Anne Sutton. We went since our focus in art is the art of food we were making adverts for sprouts. Sophie  got a WAGOLL! It was an amazing poster and still is. We were split into groups of 13 and 14 I was in a group of 14 the other group was a group of 13. The group of 13 went first so we had to stay in Miss Jagger’s class we were there for half an hour they did a treasure hunt and Nathan and Adam L won…well done Nathan and Adam. Second place was Anastasia and Grace Well done girls. Then third place in the treasure hunt was Edward, Daniel and Callum G wow great boys. They then walked back to school. Grace was very happy about winning 2nd place she had the biggest smile ever on her face! Finally it was are groups turn we were all bursting with excitement with are coats on and zipped as soon as we were out of the school gate it was extremely hard to keep our excitement inside. We walked to Pretty peas and finally we were there it was so cool! We played a quick game of fruit or veg but then a lot of customers came in so we had to leave and go back to school. The next day we went back to do the competition we were in pairs. Finally it was time to go back to school it had been great and we know we will never forget it.

(written by Jessica G)



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