Y5 Astrophysicist visit

Y5 Astrophysicist visit

Y5 had a great start to their new SPACE topic with a visit from Mr Marshall’s son Daniel. Daniel is studying Astro-Physics at St Andrews University in Scotland. He came into talk about the planets, stars and all things SPACE.

The children were wowed by photos of the planets, super novas and galaxies – some of which Daniel had taken himself. They learned about some of the latest developments in space technology and the possibility of alien life forms!

As it was Epiphany, the children also asked about the star that the Wise Men followed. Daniel was able to explain some theories put forward by a lecturer at his University. The link is below for any parents who are interested.

Daniel was very impressed by the fantastic questions that the children asked and has promised to send some information about what to look out for in the sky at night.

A challenge for the children – how many pieces of music / songs can they find which have been inspired by space?

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