Two new ‘Pupils’ at THT – 13th June 2019

Two new ‘Pupils’ at THT – 13th June 2019

On Thursday 13th June,  two new ‘hairy pupils’ joined our reception class.

Our two guinea pigs had a very warm welcome from the children. The children held them, prepared their new home and gave them some lunch, learning all about what they can and cannot eat.

Thanks to Abi (in Year 2) and her family for donating the Guinea Pig run!!

The guinea pigs seemed to have settled in very well but, they need names!

For a little bit of fun and to help with the cost of setting up our school pets, we would like to run a little competition to ‘name the guinea pigs’ the winner or winners will have a full VIP breaktime with the guinea pigs on Tuesday 25th June.

To enter please write your favourite guinea pig name on a piece of paper with your name and class, then pass to Mrs Forrest with £1 per entry. (you can suggest more than one name if you wish)

A few facts about our guinea pigs to help you:

*They are both boys

* One is black and white with a tuft on top of his head

*The other is brown and white with quite a few crazy tufts all over his body (this one is also mischievous!)