Some Fantastic Art Work by Year 4 – 20th September 2018

Some Fantastic Art Work by Year 4 – 20th September 2018

Year 4 create some fantastic work for our corridor wall displays…

At THT, we have recently purchased a copy of your Big Frieze/Understanding Christianity documents and have been exploring these in great detail – and we are loving it!  We have the big banner displayed in our hall, we have enjoyed lessons about the Big Frieze and soon the Year Four children are going to be delivering a whole school worship about it.

As a result, our Year Four class have produced their own collage version – taking inspiration from Emma Yartlett’s artwork and her ideas behind the Big Frieze.

Here is the artwork which they have produced so far which will form an interactive display in the corridor.  Please watch this space as the Year Four children explain their reactions to the Big Frieze and the Core Concepts and also to tell you what they have found in the pictures.  They have responded through Art and Literacy with their own explanations as to how and why they have chosen to depict the bible in these ways.