Sikh Day – 10th April 2018

Sikh Day – 10th April 2018

Kash (or Prakash) visited us to help us to understand her religion. She talked about the 5 K’s of Sikhism, the history and origins of Sikhism (550 years old and from Punjab, India).

She talked about the importance of the 10 Gurus and the Holy Book the Guru Granth Sahib. We had a mock wedding. Emily married Josh in Y6! (Mr M was the Father of the bride!) We finished up with some amazing Banghra dancing- Bolleywood style!- Which everyone loved! Kash is also a DJ and a great dancer! Kash also told us about what an inclusive religion Sikhism is. From very early on the Gurus fought for women’s education. Sikhs welcome anyone of any religion and respect everyone.

The principles of Sikhism are:

1. To think regularly about God.

2. To work hard and earn your living honestly

3. To help others- Sewa

It was a fabulous day and a real privilege to have met Kash. Kash invites everyone to a huge gathering on May 20th in Preston Flag market (2-4p.m.). Sikhs will be celebrating and providing free food for everyone who comes along.