Remembrance Day at THT – 10th November 2017

Remembrance Day at THT – 10th November 2017

At THT, we are great supporters of the British Legion and we have been be ‘selling’ Poppies on their behalf for the last two weeks. 
Warrant Officer Knott and Lieutenant Lappin also joined us in school to tell us all about their roles in the Royal Navy and to help sell the Poppies.

We have been wearing a huge selection of Poppies around school and as always, paid our respects to those who have been injured or who have died through the various wars and conflicts over the years, by holding a very moving short service around the war Memorial. All the children behaved wonderfully whilst Fr David read some lovely prayers and our Year 1 laid a Poppy wreath which they had made during the week.
‘We will remember them…’

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