Oh Deer!! 13th December 2017

Oh Deer!! 13th December 2017

This morning, Year 4 pupils were shocked to discover that their classroom had been the scene of a crime!

Upon entering the classroom, the children had to photograph the evidence and write witness statements about what they thought might have happened in an effort to catch the culprits.
Throughout the day, Mr Smith kept on popping in to the classroom to provide us with CCTV films of possible suspects captured on film in both Year 4 and Mr Smith’s office. The trouble-makers had left “little presents” in Year 4 (which actually smelt and tasted like chocolate raisins). However, they had actually stolen three whole jelly babies from the head teacher’s room.
The reporters in Year 4 are hoping to publish their accounts soon, in an effort to seek help from members of the public. Watch this space……..

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