Justus Miwanda visits THT – 19th September 2018

Justus Miwanda visits THT – 19th September 2018

We are very fortunate that Rev Justus Miwanda visited us in school today – all the way from Uganda.

Justus led us in a worship and then spent time in some of our classes. Along with his wife Deborah and Ali (who works for charity International Needs) they told us what life is like in Uganda, what it’s like to be a priest, a nurse an aid worker and even what life must be like for a Ugandan school child.

The worship taught us how we can help the children in Justus’ school – by donating money and by praying for them. You could even visit them, like Ellie, Miss Beard’s daughter is doing and like Mr Marshall has done in the past.

Justus is the lead person in a program to help 500 orphaned and displaced children. When International Needs was searching for someone to take up the lead, the local church fellowship was gracious in their recommendation of Rev. Justus Miwanda.

Justus left us with a present – a wonderful piece of wood – hand carved in the shape of the African map.