Infant Nativity

Infant Nativity

On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening, all the infant children performed a wonderful Nativity called ‘The landlord’s cat’.

At a certain Bethlehem inn, the landlord’s cat is so fed up with the hectic atmosphere and being ignored by his owner, that he is on the verge of leaving town. However, with the arrival of Mary and Joseph in the stable, as well as wise men and shepherds, the cat (being a wily and intuitive creature), senses that something very special is about to happen. Naturally he is determined to find out just what it is…

The youngest children in our school  performed in front of a packed house and they were amazing – telling the nativity story from the view of the inn keeper’s cat, reminding everyone about the ‘miracle’ of the birth of Jesus.

A huge thanks to all the Infant Staff for putting the show together! It always starts our Christmas weeks off in a great way.

We have taken an individual photo of each child and here are some during the performance.