Candlemass Worship – 1st February 2023

Candlemass Worship – 1st February 2023

On the morning of 1st February, Fr Mark and Danny came into school to lead us in a Worship for Candlemass

Candlemass is celebrated on 2 February and marks the return of light, a symbol of protection and prosperity. This Christian festival commemorates the presentation of Jesus at the Temple of Jerusalem, referring to him as the light of the people of Israel. The festival was formerly known in the Roman Catholic Church as the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary and is now known as the Presentation of the Lord. It commemorates the occasion when the Virgin Mary, in obedience to Jewish law, went to the Temple in Jerusalem both to be purified 40 days after the birth of her son, Jesus, and to present him to God as her firstborn (Luke 2:22–38).

During the Worship, Fr Mark blessed the Candles which are going to be used during our Acts of  Worship at THT for the coming year. Danny and Fr Mark also demonstrated to the children how Light overcomes Darkness by lighting all our candles and holding a candle each. It was a very moving Worship!!