A Hindu visitor – 12th March 2018
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A Hindu visitor – 12th March 2018

On Monday, we were very pleased that Vijayanti visited our school to work with Years 2, 3, 4 and Year 5. 

Vijanati came into school to talk about her faith and showed the children how to make rangoli patterns to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi. They used stencils and powder paint.

Vijanati told the children about the Hindu Gods and how they celebrate festivals such as Diwali. In Year 2, Vijanati  also showed the children how to write their names in Gujarati.


These visits are part of a package offered by the Burnley Faith Centre. You might remember that our first visit was from Mr Anwar who talked very eloquently about all faiths and particularly his Muslim faith.

These visits are a great benefit for our children as it allows them to meet people from other faiths and cultural backgrounds and to learn from them. Our children are growing up into a very multi-cultural World. They may end up working with people from different faith or different cultural backgrounds. These visits develop greater understanding and empathy. The visitors are not promoting their faith but merely informing children. They often draw out the many similarities between faiths.

We will also be looking forward to more visitors later in the year!