A Dragon Visits THT – 16th November 2017

A Dragon Visits THT – 16th November 2017

On Wednesday morning a very strange parcel was delivered to year 2. The children revealed that inside the parcel was a huge egg. Where has it come from?

The next day, Miss Brunton and Mrs Forest discovered some strange items in the worship garden. The area was cordoned off to investigate. The children from year 2 were very excited to see what objects they could find and began to think about who might have left their tracks at our school. They found large footprints, glitter, feathers, piles of jewels, scorched trees, fragments of broken shell, items that had been turned over and scratch marks. Their imaginations ran wild thinking about what could have left these types of items. A dinosaur, a dragon and an ostrich were just a few of the ideas they thought it could be. Miss Brunton suddenly remembered about a poem she once read about a dragon, it was called ‘Evidence of a Dragon’. The children listened intently and a lot of the items listed in her poem, were just like the items they had found. They soon came to a conclusion that it was a dragon! The children then began to puzzle the pieces together, maybe the egg belongs to the dragon they shouted excitedly.

Will the dragon ever come back to collect the egg…??


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